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The National Trust for Local News comprises a team with diverse perspectives, expertise, and experiences from different parts of the country, generations, and ethnicities.

These backgrounds help us speak with knowledge and empathy with our stakeholders: owners of local news organizations worried about their future, digital startups looking for growth capital, academics exploring new models, investors seeking to make an impact and a return, and intermediaries looking to bring their expertise to new partnerships.


Elizabeth Hansen Shapiro, Ph.D., CEO & Co-Founder

is a Harvard Business School-trained leading expert on local news business models and organizational change.

Fraser Nelson, Managing Director

led the historic transformation of the Salt Lake Tribune into a nonprofit newspaper.

Jessica Kirkland, Administrative Associate

brings her skills in organization and administration to the work of the Trust.

Jared Leiderman, CFO

is a Harvard Business School-trained leader in nonprofit finance, strategy, and growth.


Caroline Porter, Director

is a media strategist, researcher, and former staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal.


Marc Hand

is a co-founder of the National Trust for Local News and the founder of the Public Media Venture Group, a group of 31 public media entities operating 130 stations.

Ju-Don Marshall

is a journalist, entrepreneur, and digital media strategist and is the chief content officer and executive vice president of WFAE, the NPR station in Charlotte.

John Wotowicz

designs, builds, and leads game-changing organizations across media, technology, financial services, and the arts. He most recently served as publisher of THE CITY and has sat on numerous boards, including National Public Radio, Texas Tribune, and New Museum of Contemporary Art.


Lillian Ruiz 

is a co-founder of the Trust and served as its first COO. She continues to consult with the Trust as the founder and principal of Ci-X Strategies. 

John Davidow 

is the Trust’s acting chief of staff. He is a lifetime local journalist who has led digital, radio, and television newsrooms. 


Steven Waldman

is a co-founder of the Trust and its first board chair. He also co-founded Report for America and founded the Rebuild Local News Coalition. 

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