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JUN 06 | 2023


Last month I published Local News Can Build Stronger Communities: Three Strategies for Addressing the Local News Crisis, adding to the critical and overdue conversation about local news’ capacity to strengthen communities and to address the problem of polarization at its roots.

Strengthening communities for the long-term requires deep community engagement paired with publishing expertise. To help support our titles’ long-term sustainability, the National Trust for Local News recently welcomed Ross McDuffie to the team as Chief Portfolio Officer.

Ross' extensive experience building and managing local news operations is an ideal match for our work. Ross is entrusted with the responsibility of working on the ground with the local publishers and board leaders of our news organizations to strengthen the organizations’ local governance, resources, and impact in the small towns and rural communities we serve.

You can read more about Ross’ arrival at the Trust here and learn more about Ross’ approach in his essay about the business opportunities of rural journalism.

Please continue to share your ideas and your feedback with us as we work together to keep local news in local hands.


—Elizabeth Hansen Shapiro

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