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Updated: Jun 22

The National Trust for Local News preserves and transforms legacy community news outlets facing succession and other transitions of ownership. We do so by creating new ownership structures and making transformations in the business, editorial, and talent of legacy community newsrooms. Our investments promote sustainability, audience engagement, and public service in community news which result in stronger local economies, higher civic participation, strengthened public accountability, and stronger community social cohesion.

The Chief Portfolio Officer is responsible for all aspects of the portfolio of community news titles and news conservancies created and supported by the Trust. The CPO supports and works with the CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Partnerships Officer, and the Board of the Trust to ensure the organization has a clear strategy to meet its mission, reach its desired impact, and meet its duties and obligations to its funders and lenders. Responsibilities are as follows.

Click the link below to download the full job description.

JD - Chief Portfolio Officer_January 2023
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Each of the stirring and vivid photos that you see in this website was captured by one of the 17 photojournalists who work in National Trust for Local News newsrooms in Maine, Colorado, and Georgia.

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